Key Features in Your Business Event Management Software


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You should, at the very least, be utilizing corporate event management software to administer your venue or functions by now. Manual processes and disjointed systems that had you running around like a maniac are no longer in use. Nobody has time for all of this, especially now that there is integrated software to make life easier and your job more beneficial.

The most significant game-changer in the business has been event technology. This specific desire for streamlined event management was discovered and exploited by app developers, resulting in an avalanche of apps.

As a result, making a decision isn't always as straightforward as selecting just one app. Booking systems, contract management, invoices, billing, and venue management are some of the numerous categories offered on the market.

You've come to the correct place whether you're looking for the proper software or want to upgrade whatever you're using. There are a lot of tools out there, and figuring out which ones you truly need might be difficult.

One of the finest bits of advice, like with any platform purchase, is to "don't pay for things you'll never use." Rather, you want the software to evolve with you as your company expands and your everyday demands shift.

The Five Most Important Features To Consider in Event Management Software

The first step in selecting the best event management software is determining what you require from these basic components. We'll go over 5 things to look for when considering event management software for a wide range of events and functions in this post.

1. Quick And Adaptable Online Registration

  • This might appear as follows:
  • Allowing several attendees to register at the same time, such as for group passes.
  • Importing attendance data from other systems is a useful feature.
  • Sending private invites is a possibility.
  • The ability to construct custom registration forms for various pass kinds, such as normal, VIP, and media.
  • The ability to build several sorts of forms and alter the fields inside them based on the attendee profile (e.g. student vs professional vs sponsor).
  • Integrations with other systems allow you to link registrations to data points.
  • Create auto-updating waiting lists.

2. Website Builders With Advanced Features And Full Branding

You'll need to have a system that allows you to produce completely white event websites if you want complete authority over your brand. By allowing you the freedom to construct, administer, and maintain your event website yourself, some of the finest event management software helps you lessen your dependency on advertising agencies, consultants, and website developers. 

3. Email Marketing Automation Technologies That Are Effective

Using templates and modification possibilities, top event management software companies should assist you in creating fully branded marketing emails. They must also allow email automation so that they too can send out event registration email confirmation, event-related news and notifications in the run-up to the events, and post-event surveys emails, among other things.

4. A Very Customizable Agenda Management System

If you're planning a multi-day event with several venues or rooms, you'll need a powerful session slitter tool. The back end of your platform may be used to pull information such as session titles, presenters, and attendance. Your participants may only register for one event at a time with some event management software.

5. Flexibility For Managing Many Events

The amount of events you may post is limited by some event management software. Others may charge you a fee for each person who attends. If you plan to hold a significant number of business meetings and events, your objective will be to handle more events for less money, time, and effort, without any hidden expenses.