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Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and administrative hassles and say hello to effortless HR management. With our platform, you can empower your employees, manage your payroll and attendance, holidays, leave requests and employee data.

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Streamline user support requests and efficiently manage incoming inquiries.


Live Messaging

Provide real-time assistance and support to users with a personalized chat experience.


Email Workflow

Automate email communication for employees and HR and enhance the efficiency of your teams.

Scalable HR Solution for Growing Businesses

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Scalable HR Solution for Growing Businesses

  • Streamline Hiring with Applicant Tracking System
  • Seamless Onboarding for New Employees
  • Effortless Attendance and Timesheet Management
  • Simplify Payroll Management and Ensure Compliance
  • Leave Request Management Made Easy
  • Automated Time Tracking for Maximum Productivity
  • Efficient Project and Task Management with Performance Indicators

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Discover our platform's robust features designed to streamline and simplify your day-to-day HR operations.

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Monthly & Annual Plan

Seamless access to premium features
  • Both plans include unlimited support on the delivered modules and maintenance.
  • The project implementation cost is projected to be zero.
  • Clients can raise their new development requests through the ticket support system
  • The pricing for server and storage management will be handled separately.
  • No charges or any additional fees for training sessions
  • Change management for product modifications will be billed based on the number of hours required for completion.

Essential Business Plan

Empower your team with productivity
  • Experience ultimate freedom with our lifetime license - enjoy unlimited access, discounts, upgrades, and exclusive perks.
  • The pricing structure incorporates 1-time implementation cost based on hours consumed.
  • Complimentary maintenance services is provided until year-end, ensuring optimal software performance
  • A 15% (AMC) fee will be charged starting from January 1st, covering bug fixes, compatibility updates, software upkeep, and regular update.
  • The pricing for server and storage management will be handled separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

ErisHR One is an AI-driven human resource management solution that automates your workforce handling process. You can manage your tedious tasks from screening, onboarding, payroll process, as well as requests under the Employee Self Service module. ErisHR One is designed to assist a wide range of organizations, regardless of size or industry.

We prioritize the security of your data. Our measures include strict data access control rules to isolate customer databases, robust password protection using industry-standard encryption, and limited staff access to passwords. For your safety, password reset is the only option in case of loss. Your data's integrity and confidentiality are our top priorities.

The system can generate detailed reports on workforce productivity and performance metrics. It provides KPIs for decision-making, a dashboard for performance tracking, daily task reports, and punctuality tracking based on sign-in and sign-off data.

Yes, with the help of ErisHR One's “Engagement” module, you can set up alerts and notifications. This module includes three categories: meetings, events, and holidays, ensuring that any important engagements are promptly and effectively communicated to employees.

Employee analytics, Request analytics, Engagements, and most recent To-do’s related data is shown on the dashboard. Employee Analytics: Here, we can view the number of total employees, new joinee, and off-boarding employees month-by-month. Request Analytics: It shows the total number of incoming requests like leave requests, work-from-home requests, and half-day requests of all the employees. Engagement: Three categories—meetings, events, and holidays—are managed in the engagement module. Most Recent To-Do’s: We can see the most recent to-do’s on the dashboard based on priority and completing any task while staying on the dashboard.

The “Screening” module helps schedule and reschedule interviews, shortlist candidates, and send offer letters via email. It filters out unqualified applicants and identifies the most eligible candidate based on the performance score.

ErisHR One directly onboards the selected candidate based on the screening process. However, in case of direct hiring, you can manually add the employee details. Upon returning a signed offer letter, the hired candidate is automatically added to the ErisHR One’s “onboard queue”. A “hire packet” containing the required credentials is then sent in a welcome email to the candidate to get them started. This way, new employees are taken on board.

ErisHR One’s payroll system allows you to generate and transfer salaries into employee accounts in just a few clicks. Additionally, employees can also sign and download their salary slips. Generating a salary involves these steps:

  1. “Payroll” > “Salaries” > “Generate Salary”
  2. Perform your desired action by selecting employee(s)
  3. After selecting the employee(s), click the “Approve” button to generate salaries
  4. After again selecting the employee(s), click the “Pay” button to transfer salaries
  5. The “Pay” button will then be replaced with the “Paid” button

Storage enables HR and other departments to efficiently organize vast amounts of data in a secure and easily accessible environment. HR Manager and Controller can upload documents and filter which department has access to view them.

ErisHR One offers seamless integration with your existing system, ensuring a hassle-free workflow transition. It can be integrated with several ERP systems, such as Oracle, Zoho, or Sap, to name a few, via reliable APIs provided by the vendors.

The customer care section of ErisHR One provides support to customers before, during, and after their purchase or use of a product or service. Before purchasing ErisHR One, customers are assisted with a live chat for any kind of queries. Moreover, if clients face any technical issues after purchasing, they can generate tickets which are handled by the customer care manager.

Yes, our “Request” module offers a user-friendly interface for employees to directly request a leave depending upon the type of leave (work-from-home, half-day leave, and more). Here’s a general flow:

  1. Select the type of request you want to submit (e.g., leave request, work-from-home request) and fill out the information on the request form.
  2. The HR controller or reporting manager will either approve/deny the request.
  3. During the request process, both the employee and HR regularly receive email notifications.

Data can be restored from “Trash” or “Recycle Bin” as it temporarily stores deleted files, allowing users to recover them if needed.

Follow these steps to post a job on ErisHR One: “Careers” > “Screening” > “Jobs”

  1. In the top right corner, click the “New Job” button
  2. Fill up the required fields in the form and click on “Save” button