6 Trends for Digital Marketing in 2022 | Digital Marketing Trends In Dubai


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We are living in a time where technology is changing constantly, for this we need to adapt quickly and effectively. In marketing, new techniques and trends happen that change how we do business. However, it's not enough to keep pace with these transformations, especially in 2022 where there will be considerable changes due to pandemics.

Did you know?

According to SmallBizGenius, “Due to COVID19 pandemic, 70% of paid search impressions occur on mobile devices

To incite your business ahead in 2022 these key trends can help you boost your site traffic, generate more leads, and expand sales while maintaining your hard-earned customer base.  

Pay-per-click Marketing:

Pay-per-click marketing is what allows platforms to offer useful features. When it comes to PPC we only think about Google and Facebook ads however, there are many platforms to follow. Agreeing on where to invest in advertising can rely on factors such as

● Platform user base

● Volume for ad serving

● Creative opportunity 

● Advertiser budget 

Boost Results with AI and Automation:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) influences every industry differently, in making marketing management efficient is what's worth the while. AI can enhance long keywords which is hard to do based on automation criteria. Here's how AI and automation come up with the cause:

● A/B ad testing.

● Automated and quick bidding techniques for keywords.

● Ad presentation based on quality.

● Bid suggestions to gain utmost traffic.

AI does an extraordinary stint by analyzing data. Many advertising agencies take advantage of AI and Automation in order to improve their marketing strategies and pay-per-click account management. 

Involve Video Ads:

More than 665 billion households own smart TVs and since the pandemic resulted in many people staying at home, the internet has become their go-to source of entertainment, especially with YouTube and TikTok. This proves that creating content for video advertising can expand brand recognition through the internet drastically.

Voice Assistance:

Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google, you may have used at least one of these voice assistants for voice searches from your smart device or TV. Speaking comes more normally and quite effortlessly compared to typing. This is why voice search makes so much sense and this technological innovation is already changing the way we communicate digitally, including an ad group targeting conversational keywords like:

● Long-tailed keywords

● Question/Interrogative oriented keywords

Shorter Video Ads:

“6 seconds” might not sound a lot but that's literally all you need to make a good impression since it has become a marketing success.

 According to a study, 25% of adults say they'll close out a video after only 10 seconds. 

So video advertising is more likely to be successful they are short and the content is engaging the target audience. 

Less Sound:

As a consumer or viewer, do you prefer: a video on mute by default and captions? Or going through an awkward video ad playing full volume? Well, you're not alone. 

66 % of people say they dislike it when video ads automatically play with sound.

So on top of ensuring your video ads are short, keep in mind that you sell a product or service without sound.

Video Games Advertisement:

As the Covid19 pandemic continues, the gamers will gain more time online playing video games and are more likely to interact with in-game display ads more frequently. Consider the variety of ad formats available throughout the behavior of gamers like

Interstitial ads during game breaks

Reward ads win currency for mobile app consumption

Banner ads traditional banners shown in games


Consumers will continue to become more demanding. That's why it's best to start adapting alternative advertising methods and ensure that they work. It's important to be mindful of what trends are coming up ahead so you can prepare and stay forth of the competition.