Luxury Explorers Collection



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Luxury Explorers Collection offers a broad range of holiday homes to give their users the most elegant holiday experience. They possess a team of assorted experts available to assist them on their holidays. This company tapped us with a wish of having a website where they can approach their clients and do online bookings from all around the world. Check out the case study of our projects to learn more. 



This passionate client, Luxury Explorers Collection, a dedicated home holiday planner, needed a responsive website that would display his global presence online with their offerings. He also wanted to automate his business workflows and consultation process - so he can work at his own pace. His mindset was to grab assistance, and services to build his management system, as well as a solution to showcase his offerings via a prolific site.



After evaluating his viewpoints and keeping the brand-new trends in mind, we offered him a luxurious and refined custom solution that seemed perfect to him. We crafted a user-friendly and optimal website while allowing him to access the site from any means. We used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript to develop this project. As the client required a platform where he can showcase his luxurious properties to his users, we crafted a precise with filters and stock data. We designed and developed this website on WordPress and sprinkled our branding elements to it to make it flourish. 

Bringing It All

Now, the Luxury Explorers Collection has converted into a reputable company. Our biggest pride is our client’s satisfaction and we are happy to see how smooth they are now running their business and interacting with their users. The client is still collaborating to access BES custom software solutions for his business. Learn more about our custom services and contact us to take your business to the next level.