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Events Explorers is a perfect company in the field of arranging official Meetings, Conferences, and Exhibitions. They have strong access to many global markets that let them plan various types of events and organizations globally. They tapped us with a conception of developing their website and custom-based platforms where they can interact with their clients globally. Scroll down to see the case studies of our projects to learn more! 



Event Explorer was looking to develop its website with a professional online appearance. This client aimed to attract people who want to visit the rustic event venue. They demanded that the website must be mobile-friendly and use a CRM software plan that drives web visitors to appoint their special events. This client also required that their website interface must be proper in the field of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. Apart from that, they needed a custom-based platform to automate their business and manage their workflows. 



We at Beyond Eris Solutions were able to create a custom Python / Django-based website design that would render perfectly on any device. We also integrate HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript to allow the client to take online returns right from their website. With his requirements in mind, we deeply evaluated the conditions to give a friendly web-based solution. From web development to building a staffing management system, we proposed to deliver a collection of comprehensive essential strategies at a reasonable cost. 

Bringing It All

We combined elegant design solutions with innovative technology to build the client’s website that resonates with him and helps his company reach its goals. Well! The best thing is Events Explorers prides on our custom software solutions and is well-satisfied with the BES Software Services. So, if you also wish to operate your company online, we at BES are here at your service 24/7. So, feel free to contact us anytime!