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Elevate Homes Fitout is a complete maintenance company in Dubai that offers fit-out solutions to residential and commercial properties. They reached out to us to help them make a user-friendly website where they can showcase and categorize their services in a better way! Let’s learn how we at Beyond Eris Solutions helped this client! 



Elevate Homes Fitout was ready to transform its business success online through a compelling website. The client tapped Beyond Eris Solution Custom Software Company's expertise to boost its brand recognition and local rankings over its service locations. They were required to develop and design their website to have a more contemporary look and respond for users to navigate. Since the client was stepping up with a fresh start, he had no idea how to establish his online website and play along with robust technologies. The client wanted us to give him some appropriate outline at a reasonable cost for building his first business website. Let's learn what we offered to him! 



After analyzing the client's requirements and understanding his viewpoints, we provided him with a suitable plan that he loved a lot. The strategic, creative, and technological solutions that we offered to him was crafting a user-friendly, conversion-centered, well-designed website that’s prolifically pleasing. We also include graphics designing and search engine optimized content to fuel search results. Besides, we boost the site experience with a modern lead generation analysis to optimize Sales Conversion. We assured him that we will provide Proper Guidance for Website Management. We used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript at the front-end and Python / Django at the back-end to develop the project. 

Bringing It All

The brand-new site is ready to go live with the flow! Our Client is Well-Satisfied with the development and design that allows his visitors to easily navigate through his services. The good thing is we are still in collaboration with Elevate Homes Fitout and leveling his business success track online. You can learn more about how BES Software Custom Solutions can assist your business with a custom website design. We are ready to serve you. Contact us right away!